Welcome to's casino game tournaments! Start playing your favourite games in a fun and competitive environment, match yourself against other players and go for a chance to win a prize in the process! For every tournament, the first placed player wins €100, the second placed player wins €50 and the third placed player wins €25*. You can find the tournament games of the week below on this page. Good luck to all! 

Start playing!

Participating in's tournaments is as easy as playing any of our games! Just follow these simple steps to start spinning in tournament mode...

  1. Register or log in
  2. Look for the right game in the selection below on this page
  3. Launch the "real game" mode of the game
  4. Start the game
  5. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the game screen
  6. Click the "Promotions" button in the lower right corner of the game screen
  7. Enter the promotion code from the table below, it will show when the tournament has started.
  8. Click "Submit" to launch the game in promotion mode
  9. Choose your username
  10. Click "OK"
  11. Click the podium button on the left for more information. 
  12. Start playing

*We commit ourselves to paying the prizes as soon as possible on the next working day.

Current/upcoming tournament

Game nameHit it Hard



Hour11:00 - 13:00

Planned tournaments

Game nameDate


29/03/2020 13:00

Win Win

29/03/2020 15:00

Tahiti Gold

29/03/2020 17:00

Respin Circus

29/03/2020 19:00

Wild Toro

29/03/2020 21:00

Tournament games of the week